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Broad networks offer more provider choice, but healthcare costs remain higher if they are not:

Built on a network of vetted providers.

Medical providers in a broad network lacking embedded care coordination find it more difficult to coordinate member care.

Lacking embedded care coordination.

This lack of coordination is often why large networks fail to incentivize cost-reducing and quality-enhancing activites.

Incentivizing and empowering providers to focus on long-term health outcomes.

Providers in a broad network typically operate within the traditional, fee-for-service model, which financially incentivizes volume of services--necessary or otherwise. 

Our broad network solution embeds the care coordination and data transparency required to empower vetted providers, incentivized to practice medicine with members long-term health outcomes in mind.


Care Coordination

Strengthening engagement between the primary care physician and the member ensures members receive appropriate care at the appropriate time and place.

That's why we're committed to building a better healthcare experience through collaborating with providers to design and provide the tools and actionable data needed to deliver personalized, powerful care.

Chronic and Complex Care Support

Care Managers are licensed Registered Nurses who assist members and their PCPs with wellness and sick visits in addition to coordinated disease-specific visits. For these members, the care managers aim to maintain chronic conditions and stabilize health to reduce major health care costs.

Medication Support

Communication is key to the effectiveness of medications. Careways care managers work with the primary care provider to:

  • help members understand their prescriptions,
  • take them on time in the correct dose,
  • share community and financial support resources, and
  • offer coaching tools to enhance adherence.

Transition of Care

What is transitional care?

The care patients receive as they move between in- and out- patient settings, specialists, and providers to prevent unnecessary readmissions and adverse events.

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